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Energy Consumption:

1. Can I run my spa on a 110V current or do I need a 220V? Some HotSpring Spas can run on a 110V. The main difference is the heater and jet pump do not run at the same time. All HotSpring Spas are fully foam filled from top to bottom so they retain heat very well.

2. How much will my spa cost to operate? HotSpring Spas operating cost range from $7-$15 a month. Most other spas in the industry easily exceed a dollar a day.

3. Is it true that a spa wired for a 220V is more energy efficient than a 110V? You buy energy by the KW (kilowatt) which heats water at a specific rate regardless of 110V or 220V. A 220V system will heat faster. However, our tests show a difference of less than 5 cents a month.


1. What is the difference between fully insulated and fully foam filled spas? A spa could have as little as 1/6 inch of insulation on the entire shell and be fully insulated. A fully foam filled spa is filled from the outside skin to the inside shell with foam insulation.

Jets and Horsepower Ratings:

1. I hear a lot about horsepower ratings of the pumps. How important is that? Many companies brag of their high horsepower rated pumps. Performance and jet design is the most important. Take it for a test soak and feel the spa!

2. Should I be concerned with the number of jets found in a spa? The number of jets in a spa is NOT nearly as important as the variety of the jets found in the spa. That coupled with the placement of those jets provides maximum benefit.

3. How are pumps rated – horsepower? Many companies rate their pumps using “Breakdown Torque” which is the highest number. You also have constant and actual size. Horsepower is just a number. Performance is what you want!


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