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Hot Spring® Spas Earns TradeCertified™ Ranking

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Did you know Hot Spring Spas earned a TradeCertified™ endorsement in 2021, just as they have every year since 2006? This designation means that Hot Spring Spas has been recognized as a spa manufacturer that consistently provides a superior dealer experience based on audited dealer satisfaction surveys.

Purchasing a hot tub from a TradeCertified™ manufacturer means that your dealer has chosen to work with one of the most reputable businesses in North America based on audited satisfaction surveys submitted by spa professionals. The Hot Spring brand has met or exceeded exacting TradeCertified™ standards, a sign that more than 40 years of industry leadership and commitment to innovation, industry-leading quality, and delivering an unparalleled ownership experience continues to pay off.


It’s always an honor to be recognized in your industry, particularly with an endorsement that prioritizes product quality, customer satisfaction, and employee training (among other criteria). But to the customer looking to invest in a brand that will deliver the desired results, it means so much more.

Let’s face it: After taking the time to thoroughly consider your options and do the research required to make an informed purchase decision, knowing that you are investing in a brand that carries the TradeCertified™ endorsement is further proof that you are making a good, safe, decision.

As this latest endorsement indicates, you can invest in a Hot Spring spa and know you are putting your trust in a reputable manufacturer who has created a top rated hot tub that will last for years.


The TradeCertified™ is a designation awarded by Bigfish Publications, the leading media source for the pool and spa industry. The company developed the TradeCertified™ label after hearing from customers and dealers who were becoming overwhelmed by advertising claims, sponsored reviews, and endorsements from manufacturers.

In response, they developed a wholly independent and verifiable evaluation system, backed by third-party auditors, to separate the industry’s best from the rest. To put things simply, the TradeCertified™ label means that informed experts in our industry have highlighted the Hot Spring Spas brand as producing some of the best-quality hot tubs available.

Hot Spring We Love Our CustomersYou’ll rest easy knowing that the Hot Spring Spas brand has met or exceeded exacting TradeCertified™ standards.



When you visit a spa dealer, online or in person, you are confronted with dozens of choices. As you compare hot tub prices and features, it can become difficult to find the best one. By selecting a hot tub manufacturer that meets TradeCertified™ standards, you can enjoy more peace of mind.

Because you want to make the wellness and vitality that a hot tub can provide part of your daily routine, you should always pay attention to awards and reviews from reputable sources. In our case, experts have evaluated our product line and service details — from factories to dealerships and maintenance requests — and determined that we are among the best in the business. You can trust that your Hot Spring dealer is going to provide you with a quality spa, and that you will be pleased with the follow-up care and attention you will receive.


Our TradeCertified™ endorsement is one reason you can feel confident about choosing the Hot Spring brand, but there are so many more! Just check out these reviews from Hot Spring spa owners, or download a brochure featuring these best-quality hot tubs and see why Hot Spring Spas’ unmatched reputation — built on 40+ years of value and experience — make them such an easy choice. Hot Spring Spas is committed to delivering The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience® to you.

Also, remember there is no substitute for firsthand knowledge. To experience Hot Spring Spas unparalleled massage, innovative water care systems, and industry-leading energy efficiency features for yourself, call Spas Etc. of Jacksonville, or stop by, to take your first steps into Hot Tub Ownership today!


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