The Simplest And Most Effective Hot Tub Salt Water Chlorine Generator



Your hot tub in Jacksonville, FL can be your daily wellness oasis. Early in the morning, you can rise and rejuvenate in the warm water. After dinner, you can prepare for a good night’s sleep with a relaxing soak. Whether enjoying hydrotherapy alone or hosting friends and family, using your hot tub can offer joyful experiences. Today, even water care—the one aspect of hot tubbing that requires a little bit of effort—is now easier than ever.


When using a traditional spa water purification method, a hot tub owner has to make continual adjustments to maintain proper chemical levels in the water. Every week, the hot tub needs more sanitizer, and every three to four months it has to be drained and refilled. For people with busy lives, water maintenance can be difficult to schedule, so they get out of the habit of hot tubbing, which means they can’t take advantage of the many benefits regular hydrotherapy offers. But if you’re looking to buy a new hot tub, you can leave those worries behind.


The new FreshWater® Salt System*, available on most 2019 Hot Spring® spas, removes water care as an obstacle to hot tub enjoyment. The FreshWater® Salt System is a salt water chlorine generator that allows you to soak every day and reap the benefits of daily hot tub therapy near you on your own schedule.




Saltwater chlorine generators have been available for several years and are popular with many hot-tubbers. Leading systems use an electrode to convert small amounts of salt into chlorine to sanitize spa water. Fewer chemicals are needed with these systems and, unlike bottled or powdered chlorine added to the water, chlorine generated from salt doesn’t leave behind any residue or odor. So, it doesn’t irritate the eyes or cause itchy or dry skin.


Spa water purified by salt water systems lasts longer than water purified by traditional chlorine methods. While hot tubs that depend on traditional water care must be emptied and refilled every three to four months, the water in spas using salt water systems can last for a year. But while traditional salt water systems are very effective, the new FreshWater® Salt System is even better.






The new FreshWater® Salt System from Hot Spring does the same great job of keeping hot tub water fresh and clean, but it’s even simpler to maintain. This system uses a titanium cartridge to generate chlorine from salt water. The cartridge is proven to last four months with normal use, and owners can remove and replace it directly from the spa’s bar top in seconds. The spa control panel will prompt you with instructions on confirming or adjusting the chlorine output every 10 days.


Cartridges are sold in packs of three, so a single trip to the dealer can keep your water clean for a year. Plus, since spa water lasts four times as long than water purified using traditional chlorine systems or other saltwater chlorine generators, hot tubbers aren’t faced with the hassle of replacing water several times and year and can take advantage of the environmental benefits of the FreshWater® Salt System.


With the FreshWater® Salt System, there’s less need to manually add chemicals or call a technician for service. All a spa owner has to do to enjoy a relaxing soak is go outside, remove the hot tub cover, and step into the spa. The FreshWater® Salt System makes it easier than ever to use your hot tub every day. Hot tub owners who use their hot tubs more frequently are happier with their investment and see more of the positive wellness impacts of hot tub use in their lives.



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